In our Dyno cell we have a Dyno Developments 2WD chassis Dynamometer
We chose Dyno Developments do to the precision and reliability of their 2WD that is also a very versatile machine, capable of running any 2WD vehicle including Motorcycles, Quad Bikes and Go Karts. It is running the latest digital control system means that once the car is being run, the operator cannot influence the results of the Dyno run.

  • It can run very low power and up to 1200 Horsepower at the wheels
  • Test Cars, Go Karts, Quad Bikes and Motorcycles
  • Measure BHP, Torque, Tractive effort rpm etc
  • Measure AFR / Lambda
  • Automatic weather station Air Temperature Correction
  • Measure vacuum / Boost
  • Thermocouple / EGT channels
  • Built in Knock detection
  • Measure RPM direct from engine / Roller speed
  • Ramp Mode for Power Graphing
  • Steady State mode for fine engine tuning
  • The Dyno uses Intelligent Adaptive load control and will hold load perfectly every time, very useful for engine tuning.

The 2WD Dyno can also be upgraded to a 4WD Dyno when we are ready to do so

The range of vehicles we can test on our Dyno Developments 2WD Dyno:

  • Front Wheel Drive vehicles
  • Rear Wheel Drive vehicles
  • 4WD/AWD vehicles with selectable single axle drive
  • Haldex (or similar) Equipped Quattro / 4 Motion cars
  • Go Karts
  • Motorbikes


Power runs

*Discounted before and after power runs with our custom stage remapping* 3 dyno runs


Club Dyno Days

Sunday's only with a minimum of 10 cars. Please get in touch with us for more information about Dyno day arrangements 2 dyno runs


Dyno Hire

including operator 4 hours


for bookings and more information with the use of our dyno, club runs etc please get in contact with us via email or on facebook