PSL Performance has a huge reputation for improving vehicle engine performance from part upgrades, ECU remapping, aftermarket management setup and calibration. All this work is produced custom and bespoke to your vehicles hardware setup on our Dyno rolling road via live data logging with various tools we have available to us and to you.

We are very proud to say that we create our own work form scratch to each vehicle. We are not a business that relies on file services. In fact, we have our own network of partners who rely on us as a supplier of ECU tuning files which we can also offer to anyone else with master tools using our file portal.





The main vehicle diagnostic socket found in every vehicle since 2001. It is the main socket used for the common diagnostic scanning tools used to plug in and communicate with the vehicles available communicating modules to display engine management light (EML) trouble fault codes and/or reprogram/reset various data forms and/or show live data feeds.

Now because this socket is found in every vehicle and is so highly capable, with our investments in various tool, we are able to read the engine ECU and DSG TCU to carry our remapping work and write our work back on without an issue!

Engine ECU

Engine ECU

The brain of the engine, Whether it's for a power increase or a running system solution such as DPF / EGR, the engines electronic control unit (ECU) is where everything is managed. We are forever investing in the latest technology for ECU remapping tools and software to stay ahead of the rest.

We have a huge range of master tools covering almost every make and model for reading, writing, reflashing, updating and data logging. We also have a huge range of genuine and fully licenced software for creating our own tuning work and for ECU solutions.



The newer VAG DSG / S-tronic double clutch transmission is a highly capable setup that is completely controlled by it's transmission control unit (TCU) management. Now because of this, we can take advantage by reading the management software and completely reworking and remapping multiple control tables, torque and pressure settings. These can be done in a stage 1 / 2 + form or a fully custom remap required for the more extreme cases.

We are able to tune shift timings, down shift timings, full manual mode, launch control settings, clutch pressures, max torque settings and more.



In some cases when remapping isn't possible through the OBDII port then we can still carry out the remapping work by either removing the ECU / TCU to work on the bench via boot load (BL), BDM or in most cases by pin out on the ECU / TCU harness socket. Working this way gives us a lot more data that can be extracted from the management such as immobiliser data and protective passwords plus full backups.

We favour to work on the bench via pin-out with our Magic Motorsport Flex. There is no opening of the ECU and we are able to fully backup the ECU data as well as dramatically reducing read and writing times.



For those who own master tools, take advantage of our tuning file service. All our tuning files are developed in house with constant development on our Dyno. We also have the very best ECU solutions available available.

- Stage 1 tuning
- DPF removal solutions
- EGR removal solutions
- Adblue removal solutions
- Speed limiter removal
- Burbles overrun pops and bangs
- DSG TCU tuning
and more!

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