OEM ECU Remapping

Covering vehicle manufactures standard ECU's for full custom remapping and calibration to your vehicles hardware setup from stage 1, 2, 3 and beyond!

Aftermarket ECU setup and calibration

We can fully setup and calibrate aftermarket ECU's to your vehicles hardware setup on our Dyno N/A, turbo or supercharged including Emerald, Hondata, Link, Syvecs, Haltech EMU and more!

quality & reliability

we only use genuine software and tooling to ensure reliability at all times.


ECU Calibration

Custom bespoke OE and aftermarket ECU calibration and remapping created to your vehicle hardware setup


AIRTEC Motorsport Authorised Dealer

We have the huge range of performance parts upgrades available direct from Airtec Motorsport including intercoolers, intake induction kits, silicone pipework kit, high flow downpipes, engine mounts and so much more. Plus Turbosmart parts range!

Darkside Development's Parts Upgrades

We have the full range of diesel performance parts upgrades available direct to us for high flow downpipes, DPF + EGR full removal kits, turbo kits, intercooler upgrades, injectors + fuel pump upgrades and so much more covering VAG VW Audi Seat TDI BMW MINI diesel engine platforms.

VAG VW Audi Seat Specific Parts Upgrades

We have a huge range of parts available for VAG specific including VW Audi and Seat performance platforms. This includes intercoolers, intake induction kits, high flow downpipes, cat back exhaust systems, suspension kits, clutch upgrades, fuel pump and injectors and beyond! All from manufactures such as Cobra, Milltek, Remus, Forge, RTS, Neuspeed, ST suspension, Raceline, APR and more!

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Our Mission

PSL Performance specialises in performance upgrades, tuning, remapping, servicing and maintenance for all vehicles, makes and models including commercial and business fleet vehicles.

We supply a wide range of performance parts alongside our custom tuning work to offer you the complete drive in drive out performance solution. From Vauxhall Corsa to VW Golf R we are your only choice for performance modifications in the South!

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Popular Questions

Our typical Stage 1 and 2 ECU remapping produced on Dyno is between 1-3 hours. All of our tuning is done in house and is produced to the highest standard with the latest tools and software on the market.
You can benefit from gaining more power, torque and vehicle efficiency from fully recalibrating your ECU's set AFR targets to run the most efficient and powerful your vehicles setup can perform.